The Justice League Does NOT Hire Dorks

My name is Kelsey and I like reblogging things. Lots and lots of things :3 I'm 20, a college junior, and I'm going to art school. I love books, watching television, and reading comics. Wally West is ma main man and nothing's ever gonna change that ;) I also edit videos on Youtube! Check out the sidelink!

PJӨ [[ ℓєт’ѕ ѕєє нσω ƒαя ωє’νє ¢σмє ]] by kelso895

Based off of this post by Viria. She makes amazing fanart and I couldn’t help but make this video. It would have been a missed opportunity otherwise! ((All the fanart used is from her awesome collection of works, except for the cutout of Hazel in the beginning. That was done by juliajm15. She’s also quite awesome!)) 

But yeah, it was nice to have a chance to do a personal project for once since my hard drive isn’t working and I can’t access what’s on it currently. This was a long-overdue break :)

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